Opinions on Glenfiddich 12

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    "Art" wrote:
    If I knew I was getting the first bottle again, I'd be happy to buy it. If I was getting the second bottle, I'd pass.

    I've had similar experiences with other mass-market whiskies, which I won't bother to list.

    I think the Glenfiddich people realized that quality was suffering -- noticeably!!! -- as they endeavored to increase production quantities of the 12yo. I think the most recent releases are better than the ones of the less recent past. I can't say, however, whether they are as good as they were 20 years ago. My memory isn't that good, and -- I think -- my taste buds have improved. :smile:
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    Agreed!  Long ago, Glenfiddich 12 became  the first single malt that I liked.  My room mate from collage gave me a bottle of Glenfiddich 21 for Christmas that year,  and I was hooked on scotch! I blame these two bottles for my love of all things Smokey and peaty.

    From thoes two bottles I ventured forth into more complex drams.  I still find Glenfiddich 15 solara to be a consistently wonderful, easy to drink easy to love glass of whiskey.


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