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    Looking for info regarding the Lismore line of single malt scotch. I was given a bottle as a gift (Lismore Legend 21 year old). Can't find much info about it online. I was hoping @horst_s might have some insight. I know they're not a distillery, but I also don't think Lismore is an independent bottler. Any thoughts?!  Thank you!

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    Lismore produces Speyside whisky bottlings, rather than list the source like a Gordon and Macphail or Signatory would do, the actual distilleries are a mystery and are sold under the Lismore banner more or less, they put out a super cheap bottling less than $20 USD...the 21 sounds very interesting...I would probably have finished the bottle by now lol

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    Lismore is owned by the same owners as Glenfarclas. So by using this information one can draw some conclusions. It may contain some Glenfarclas as it is the same owner. Or what business contacts does the owner have with other distilleries? But that is outside my knowledge. I have seen some discussions that lismore may contain Glenrothes.

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