Balvenie compendium chapter 2

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    Hello @horst_s 

    is balvenie compendium chapter 2 , 25 olorosso sherry cask near 60 abv or 26 year old American hogshead oak cask around 53 abv a good collectors bottle?

    Its already steeply priced , do you see them getting more expensive in future? And also which one of them should be collected.


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    Sorry for being absent for quite time. But I am designing our new catalog.

    To your question, which I can not answer properly. There is an article here on, which explains details about collecting whisky.

    As a conclusion, very expensive bottles show a much lower potential for rising prices. It need a time to rise from 500$/€ to 1000$/€ and that is 'only' 100%.

    If your special bottle for 50€/$ rises to 200€/$ you see a rise of 300%. There is much more potential in cheaper bottles.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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