Glendronach 21 Parliament.... perfection!

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    I have just bought the Glendronach 21 parliament and it is about as close to perfection as I have ever had.

    Does anyone have any other recommendations for another sherry bomb that is just as good if not better? especially around this price range?

    Hard to imagine there is anything that can beat this

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    It all depends on ones taste. Some other that could compete depending on your taste is Glengoyne 21 and Glenfarclas 25.

    Due to the distillery being closed for a couple of years I think that the Glendronach 21 contains older whiskies than 21 years of age.

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    I have not tried the GlenDronach 21YO my selv, but I always recommend Auchentoshan Three Wood to people who loves sherry cask matured whisky. It is quite a sherry bomb and not that expensive. 

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    The Glendronach is extremly full of Sherry notes. Glenfarclas has a lot, but the normal range (21, 25) shows less in my opinion. There are vintages of Glenfarclas out there (1990, 1996, 2000), which carry a lot more Sherry cask tastes. Glenfarclas does not color it's malts as well. So have a look at the color and you have a hint of the Sherry intensity.

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    As Horst mentioned, I'd go for GlenDronach's vintages, such as the 20-year-old PX single cask bottlings at cask strength. I think they are the best you can get from GlenDronach although certainly pricy. Some bottles can be found for about € 150.

    The only sherry bomb that is on par with GlenDronach's range is probably Yamazaki. However, prices are insane and if you want to buy for instance a Yamazaki 18, you need at least € 400 at this moment in time.

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