Thoughts on new Video format

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    I'm not sure how often they check YouTube comments, but it appears that very few people are a fan of the new green screen.  
    I personally am not a fan either.   It looks cheapish and not nearly as classy as the previous setting.

    Also, the audio has taken a noticeable drop in quality.   I'm not sure if its related or not, but YouTube viewers certainly notice.

    New YouTube Format
    1. Do you prefer the new videos with a complete green screen backdrop, or the previous style?11 votes
      1. I like the new changes.
      2. I prefer the old style videos.
    Michael Suitt
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    I think that one problem with the new screen is that the light is a bit strong which makes Horst look a bit pale. But otherwise I have gotten used to the new screen.

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    Hello Michael!

    thank you for your critics and poll. I am still working on the setup but I had to keep on with new videos to avoid gaps.

    In the meantime I got a new LED headlight which I am able to dim to avoid this extreme lighting. I also increased the distance between my chair and the greenscreen. That helped a lot.

    And finally I started to use a new camera which increases the quality of the boundary between greenscreen and my head. There are still some changes to be made to fine tune the setup. 

    The old cask is gone and is replaced by a new one, because it quite fell apart. The changes were added one after another and after May 20th you will see a more stable version.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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