What is your favorite single malt of all time?

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    @horst_s I guess it does, especially when you get to taste as many wonderfully exclusive and different whiskies as you :horst:

    Let me use this comment to also thank you for your youtube channel, its truly great

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    fantastic choice, I have gazed at that one lovingly at the local whisky shop...Caol Ila is a big favorite of mine, I often go for the Gordon and Macphail and Cadenhead bottlings...

    if if price is no object, the Laphroiag 32 is high in my list to try and has Horst ever tried Macallan M?


    to the original question, my favorite malt I've tried that sits on my shelf is a Signatory Mortlach 25 year single cask 1991 vintage Sherry finish...it set me back $300. (don't tell my wife lol) but it is an absolutely amazing dram...I'm proud of the fact that I purchased it in November and still have a fair portion left ...under $100 I've really enjoyed Laphroiag 10 year cask strength (peated selection), Glenfarclas 12 (ex Sherry cask finish) and Clynelish 14 (ex bourbon cask)...people harp on Talisker 10 for chill filtering and coloring, but it is a damn fine whisky...love it

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    Lots of great selections here...

    Unfortunately, I can count on only on hand the number of scotches I've had that are over $125, but would have to say that my favorite higher-end dram (at least for my budget) is the Johnnie Walker XR21. 

    My favorite mid-range would have to be Talisker Distillers Edition and Aberlour 16yr

    My favorite lower-end (price-wise), everyday sipper would be Bunnahabhain 12 and Signatory Vintage Edradour  10yr Un-chill Filtered (which you should DEFINATELY try @andyb01).

    Long story short, out of all these, my single most favorite dram is the Talisker D.E.

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    Good chioces. Unfortunately the Laphroaig 10 yo Cask strength has become so expensive.

    For me either Tailsker or Lagavulin produces some of the best there is. Lagavulin 16yo is probably the best standard range whisky there is together with Talisker 10yo. And when you have the distillers edition of both Talisker and Lagavulin.

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