Jack Daniel's 150th Anniversary

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    I have to spred the word.
    Recently I've create a personal WEBSITE for Jack Daniels 150th Anniversary.

    The BROWN FORMAN company (owner of Jack Daniels TRADEMARKS) wrote me to CLOSE the website

    1) Website is a Fan website containing NO liks or contact to any other company or people
    2) Website DOESN'T INCLUDE my name or copyright anywhere
    3) Obiouvsly there are NO BANNERS and nop HIDDEN ADVERTISNG
    4) It's just a FAN WEBSITE (I really like jack daniels)

    I'd like to know your opinion and I'd like to know if someone could help me in anyway
    to spread the word about this SAD FACT, this things are likely destroying freedom of speech and thought
    ... I really don't understand

    I've asked them if I can insert the word "UNOFFICIAL" just for don't let users misunderstand the real trademark... I'm waiting response...

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    First of all. People cannot prevent you from expressing your views and opinions. At least not in Germany, USA and most of the other developed countries.

    But a few questions.

    Do you have to copyright for all the pictures? People tend to be really pissed of by using their pictures and trademarks without their consent. + it's illegal

    I would also ask myself. What do people think when they first visit the website. It really looks a lot like an official page.

    If you are wondering how they found you. You are not anonymous in the internet, if you have a page. Is this you

    Just try to improve your site and talk to them. I hope you can settle it with BF.

    I work for whisky.com
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    I would think if you put unofficial jack daniels forum I would think that would be ok

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    I believe your link is to the official Jack Daniel's 150th anniversary website.

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