Glenlivet Cellar Collection 30 years 2001

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    After a long time studying wine and spirits I am coming round to really get into Whisky now. Living in Japan I am lucky to have access to some great stuff at reasonable prices (except the Japanese stuff which is still very expensive here!) 

    I was very lucky to receive a bottle of Glenlivet Cellar Collection 30 years Bottled 2001 Code 2LGF901 as a present for doing some work for a friend (good friend who has lots of cash and connections!!) 

    Very little info online about this. I do remember Mr. Horst mentioning this exact bottle on one video (I think!) but I can't it again (maybe about collecting?) But I have a feeling this wouldn't be cheap! 

    Now my dilemma... Do I keep it as is, drink it or sell it! Now, if it was a present I would just enjoy it but as it was kind of in payment for some translation I did for free for my friend I have no qualms with selling it! Is this worth more than the say 10 bottles I could get for the value of this? If I drink it its gone... (but maybe a lot of fun!) I could keep it and when it is a special occasion or I know more about Whisky and can potentially appreciate it more. 

    I would never buy this kind of Whisky for myself so it is a great chance to experience it and certainly share with like-minded people. 

    What would you do? And any experience or information about this bottle about potential taste etc. 

    Thanks for your help! Hope to be an active member here. 

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    Your dilemma is a good one to have! I might look at this way: You did some free work for a friend, expecting nothing in return, but you were given this fine whisky. It might be valuable, but it didn't cost you anything at all. If you need the money to fund your whisky purchases for a while, then I would sell it. If you don't need the money, I would drink it. The last thing I would do would be to put it back for a special occasion that might never come (life is too short and uncertain!).

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    If you are new in whisky world,  my recommendation is not to drink it now. Maybe you will not fully appreciate a 30yo. Keep it some time and drink it when ready. With time,  that bottle will gain value and maybe you prefer to sell it if some bad times for your economy appear (hope not).  Welcome to the forum,  btw    :biggrin:

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