Campbeltown entry point

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    Hi all. 

    I want to buy my first campbeltown whisky bottle. 

    Can you recommend me a good campbeltown bottle below 40€? 

    I heard good reviews of Springbank 10? It has campbeltown original soul? Typical region flavours,  I mean. 

    Thank you,  guys. 

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    If you want to get a taste of Campbeltown, you can't go wrong with the 10 year old Springbank.

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    as we know Cambelltown is tiny and out of the way, as compared to the other regions and thus pretty expensive, at least here in Chicago, Springbank 10 is $60, the 12 cask strength, which is an outstanding whisky is about $80, not the cheapest product line, but definitely very high quality, the other Springbank products, Hazelburn and  Longrow (peated) are also about $60 for their basic bottle, the other working distillery, Glen Scotia is typically closer to $75-$100 

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    I would try out the Springbank 10 as an entry point,

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    If you can find it, try the Kilkerran 12 from Glengyle distilery. It's run by the same folks that own Springbank
    I had a couple of the Works in Progress so when the 12 yo. made it through customs here in California
    I picked up a six pack & I'm glad I did.  Ralfy did a review and gave it 90/100

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    I would also recommend the Springbank 10 because it contains a little bit of smoke. This makes it very interesting and complex.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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    Springbank 10 is superb for me. I tried it just couple of months ago and I was surprised by the quality and complexity of a  just10 year old. Excellent dram. Go for it

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