Auchentoshen three wood or Glendronach 15?

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    I picked up the Aberlour A'bunadh and loved it. Some friends wanted to try some other sherry finished whiskeys so I offered we get a bottle and share it. I bought the three wood b/c I'm interested in tasting Pedro X finished vs just oloroso, and my friends have bailed. I have an unopened bottle of 3 wood and the store will take returns for credit. 3 wood ran me around $70 and the Glendronach 15 is around $80.

    Should I return the 3 wood for the Glendronach 15???

    I've had the Glen 15 once, but it's been a while. I thought it was quite good if I remember... I already have a sherry monster with the Aberlour, and don't need one TOO similar. I like orange and dark fruits in my whiskey. Thoughts/other recommendations are welcome!



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    The Glendronach 15yrs has far more Sherry influence than the Aberlour. It is also a mixture of different Sherry casks.

    The Auchentoshan is also a very good Single Malt and carries also the freight of different casks. The Auchentoshan carries no age statement. But it is triple distilled. So it is smoother from the beginning.

    My personal favorite in this pair is the Glendronach 15yrs. But you had it already. Perhaps you pay a little more and go for the Glendronach 18yrs? That one is a lot smoother than the 15yrs, which always attacks your taste buds a lot.

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    The Glendronach 15 is THE most sherried whisky I have ever tried, and it suits the spirit extremely well. Auchentoshan is a darn fine malt, but personally, there are few whiskies I've tried that are better suited to a bold sherry overcoat than Glendronach 15. If you get it, you won't be disappointed!

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