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my name is Benedikt Luening, but I prefer Ben. I'm the admin around here so you can ask me anything.

To myself:
I'm quite young to be in the whisky business. 28 to be exact. From my age and my family name you can guess how I am related to Horst smile
I studied mechanical engineering and worked in the automobile industry for a few years.
I newer had a specific point in time, where I said. "Oh whisky, that's my thing." I just got raised around whisky. I probably had more than 10k of whisky bottles in my hand, before I was 16. Don't worry I never opened one as I was working for your whisky retail business.

So enjoy this forum

Best regards

I work for whisky.com
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    Hi Ben!

    Thanks for quick reaction and creating a newbie section!

    regards.. ..and sorry for bad english
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