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    For me its Springbank 100 proof by samaroli.

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    It's either glenfarclas 30 or highland park 21.

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    I would say Ardbeg Rollercoaster at the Munich finest spirits. But however this would definitely not be a whisky I could enjoy every day.

    I work for
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    Split between Benrinnes 23 and Glendronach 1993 #5

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    Talisker 1994/2009 Managers' Choice (aged in bodega sherry European oak, whatever they may mean by 'bodega'...)

    It's a wonderfully complex whisky. I could smeell it for half an hour and still get new impressions. The taste was equally rewarding. If I were a manager, this would be my choice, too.

    My notes:

    Nose: Sherry!, plum jam, ripe cherries, a lot of chocolate, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, apple strudel with lots of raisins, even a wine note flares up briefly, all the time there's subtle smoke present in the background; if you know where this jewel comes from you can also sense its maritime character, the alcohol is integrated superbly.
    With a bit of water there's also mocca, and the Talisker character shines through more distinctly (the sea is getting rougher).

    Palate: Sweet sherry fruits, precious Christmas cookies with the spices from the nose, chili chocolate (but milk chocolate rather than bittersweet, there's only little oak), cherry cake.
    With water it becomes a bit more spicy.

    Finish: Almond pastry, malt sweetness, the cherry cake lingers, some of the Talisker masculinity shines through.
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    Lagavulin 1995 for Feis Ile 2014

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    My best were

    Strathisla 15y.o. G&M (20 years ago)
    Longmorn 1996 Sign.
    Macallan 1972 G&M
    Glenlivet 25y.o.
    Laphroaig 18y.o.

    P.S.: It is very difficult to pick a very few out of the 1,000.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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    hi there!

    some nice bottlings mentioned here which I also think are great alltimers, and some I would like to taste now by myself, like TALISKERs MC...

    my personal top experience was a
    (bottled 2010, that pear-shaped decanter with 46%)
    followed by a
    MACALLAN 1851 Inspiration
    (a good impression how great these former bottlings must have been...
    a dream to taste one as an original)!
    at the end (to finish my "top 3", but more beside than below!) a
    (SuperTuscan Casks to me seems like fulfillment on Whisky maturing,
    see Edradour 2006...)

    and, yessss, ROLLERCOASTER was great, but the ARDBEG DAY 2012 bottling in my opininen was much more :wink:
    b u t
    that also may belong to the famous presentation in Hamburgs harbour -
    I didnt find another bottle yet to taste it again!



    Der Weg ist der Weg, und das Ziel ist das Ziel.
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    I think one of the best Whiskys i have ever taste, was the Signatory Vintage Cask Strength Blair Athol 25J-1988/2014!

    Wonderful notes of Sherry, Wood and Leather. Perfect.

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    I am new to the whisky world. I have only tried around 10 different whisky in my life (please check my collection). As of today, the best whisky I have ever tried is not a single malt whisky but is a blended whisky... :redface:

    Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt 17 year old

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