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For me its Springbank 100 proof by samaroli.

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    It's either glenfarclas 30 or highland park 21.

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    I would say Ardbeg Rollercoaster at the Munich finest spirits. But however this would definitely not be a whisky I could enjoy every day.

    I work for
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    Split between Benrinnes 23 and Glendronach 1993 #5

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    Talisker 1994/2009 Managers' Choice (aged in bodega sherry European oak, whatever they may mean by 'bodega'...)

    It's a wonderfully complex whisky. I could smeell it for half an hour and still get new impressions. The taste was equally rewarding. If I were a manager, this would be my choice, too.

    My notes:

    Nose: Sherry!, plum jam, ripe cherries, a lot of chocolate, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, apple strudel with lots of raisins, even a wine note flares up briefly, all the time there's subtle smoke present in the background; if you know where this jewel comes from you can also sense its maritime character, the alcohol is integrated superbly.
    With a bit of water there's also mocca, and the Talisker character shines through more distinctly (the sea is getting rougher).

    Palate: Sweet sherry fruits, precious Christmas cookies with the spices from the nose, chili chocolate (but milk chocolate rather than bittersweet, there's only little oak), cherry cake.
    With water it becomes a bit more spicy.

    Finish: Almond pastry, malt sweetness, the cherry cake lingers, some of the Talisker masculinity shines through.
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    Lagavulin 1995 for Feis Ile 2014

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    My best were

    Strathisla 15y.o. G&M (20 years ago)
    Longmorn 1996 Sign.
    Macallan 1972 G&M
    Glenlivet 25y.o.
    Laphroaig 18y.o.

    P.S.: It is very difficult to pick a very few out of the 1,000.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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    hi there!

    some nice bottlings mentioned here which I also think are great alltimers, and some I would like to taste now by myself, like TALISKERs MC...

    my personal top experience was a
    (bottled 2010, that pear-shaped decanter with 46%)
    followed by a
    MACALLAN 1851 Inspiration
    (a good impression how great these former bottlings must have been...
    a dream to taste one as an original)!
    at the end (to finish my "top 3", but more beside than below!) a
    (SuperTuscan Casks to me seems like fulfillment on Whisky maturing,
    see Edradour 2006...)

    and, yessss, ROLLERCOASTER was great, but the ARDBEG DAY 2012 bottling in my opininen was much more wink
    b u t
    that also may belong to the famous presentation in Hamburgs harbour -
    I didnt find another bottle yet to taste it again!



    Der Weg ist der Weg, und das Ziel ist das Ziel.
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    I think one of the best Whiskys i have ever taste, was the Signatory Vintage Cask Strength Blair Athol 25J-1988/2014!

    Wonderful notes of Sherry, Wood and Leather. Perfect.

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    I am new to the whisky world. I have only tried around 10 different whisky in my life (please check my collection). As of today, the best whisky I have ever tried is not a single malt whisky but is a blended whisky... redface

    Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt 17 year old

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