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Easy enough question. What are your top 5 world distilleries or brands of malt( say you like chivas for example)

Min would be in no paricullar order.

1. Highland park ( introduced me to more complex flavours and in my opinion produced some of the most consistent high quality malts) I've never had one I'd score below a 80.

2. Glenmorangie. They really know how to use wood in creative ways and their 10/18 year old malts are wonderful even without fancy finishes.

3. Lagavullin. Prince of islay

4. Woodford reserve. The best bourbon money can buy.

5. Glen Breton glenora distillieries. A speysider from Canada. Wonderful at about 15 years. They also do a magnificent ice wine finish. The 15 year old ice wine finish may be my favorite malt.... Now if only I could get a second bottle.

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    I would say:

    1. Ardbeg

    2. Macallan

    3. Lagavulin

    4. Edradour
    (just recently)
    5. Aberlour
    (just recently)

    I work for
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    No special order because it "daily" variies.

    regards.. ..and sorry for bad english
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    In alphabetical order:


    cheers, Patrick
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    1. Glendronach
    2. Benrinnes
    3. Benriach
    4. Longmorn
    5. Glenfarclas

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    1. Springbank

    2. Bowmore

    3. Macallan

    4. Ardbeg

    5. Brora

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    "ASWhisky" wrote:
    Ardbeg / somewhere near by perfection
    Talisker / always the right decision
    Port Ellen / like an adventure
    Karuizawa / deep, mysterious, erotic
    Brora / delicate noblesse


    You have incredibly elusive tastes. To be honest I'm a little jealous. I've never sampled those last three. I want to though.
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    Even though I like quite a lot of "special" whisky like some Lochsides, Port Ellens or especially St.Magdalenes and Dallas Dhu, I'd rather name some "regular" distilleries as my favourites:

    Blair Athol
    Caol Ila
    Glen Grant / Caperdonich (can't really decide :rollsmile
    Glen Moray

    Not necessarily in that order... but I really like the malts these distilleries produce - not every bottling is brilliant, but in the end I always have good times with their stuff! smile

    And malt does more than Milton can To justify God's ways to man. (A. E. Housman)
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    1. Ardbeg
    It's THE peaty malt for me. Perfect smokiness and sweetness. The Corryvreckan is my favorite of the whiskies I've got at home regularly. What a force of nature...
    2. Talisker
    As ASWhisky has put it: always the right decision. Nice, but not overpowering peat and lots of spice. The best whisky I've tried up to now was the Talisker 1994 Manager's Choice.
    3. Benriach
    They have such a diverse range, and almost all they do is at least good. I love the Solstice, but the wood finishes and the Fumosus series are nice, too.
    4. Springbank/Longrow
    I like the Springbank malts, but I love the heavily peated Longrow stuff. I definitely hve to try more of that.
    For number five I'd like to make a little prediction of the future: If Kilchoman continue doing such a great work, they're bound to make it on my list. Their malts are already very good, although they're still young. Definitely a distillery to watch.
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    1. Arran
    2. Springbank
    3. Bruichladdich
    4. Macallan
    5. Imperial

    It's pretty hard to decide on only five distilleries.
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