What whisky apps do you recommend?

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    I'm looking for an easy way to record and keep track of the drams I have and quickly lookup bottle information on mobile - does anyone use a whisky app for this which you can recommend?

    I find most whisky websites are not great on mobile and have resorted to keeping my notes in a doc but this is a bit of a mess.

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    I tried some apps in play store, only free versions and none of them liked me. Maybe the pay versions is good enough. Don't know.

    I still use an Excel sheet. I use dropbox to have it sync with laptop.

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    Honestly, I like the way you can monitor your collection and drams you've had through this website. Every scotch I have tried is on this website, and it's easy to indicate whether you have a closed or open bottle or simply had a sample, it can all be recorded on this site.

    If you're strictly looking for a mobile app, you can look a free app called Barreled. Although the selection is not as vast as this site, you can have multiple collections and read reviews about the whiskies in your collection. You can also share your collection with friends in case others want to see what you have had.

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    We are renewing this website till the end of the year. Two very important expansions will take place. First is the change to a responsive behaviour. That means, that the design changes according to the sceen you use. It will be perfectly readable on mobile devices including smartphones.

    The second enhancement will be done in this forum. We will change to a new underlying framework which will speed things up and will flawlessly integrate into the responsive design.

    Of course, all content will be migrated to the new plattform.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster, Whisky.com
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    Good news, Mr. Luening.
    It's hard to surf whisky.com with smartphone, specially database. Very small items and fingers like bratwurst.

    We will wait anxious this website redesign.

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    I heard good things about Distiller. I have it on my phone but didn't bother creating an account to keep my list and notes, so not sure how good this feature is. The search is good, it also has ratings and reviews. I think it is free, so give it a try.

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