Underappreciated Distilleries

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    Whether through bad luck, poor management, or being destined for the blender’s vat, some distilleries don’t get the respect of their famous peers. This is deserved in some cases, but, in others, good malts are being produced at attractive prices. A couple that come to my mind would be Tomatin and Bunnahabhain.

    What distilleries would you consider to be underappreciated?

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    I would agree with Bunnahabhain, especially being a mostly unpeated whisky.

    I would also consider throwing Edradour into the mix. They have a pretty large variety, but can unfortunately be hard to find.

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    I would also agree with Bunnahabhain and also I think Balblair is underappreciated.

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    Thx for opening this topic. If a malt becomes popular or not depends deeply on the marketing the proprietor pays for. Edradour is for example very popular in central europe.

    It also depends on the ownership and the size of a distillery. If it is privately owned the chances for becoming popular are better, because the majority of their productions is sold as single malt.

    I would add Longmorn and Linkwood to the list.

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    This thread reminds me to try Bunnahabhain and Edradour. The latter has been on my to do list for a while and is not a popular whisky in Scotland, to my knowledge. Its interesting to read that it is popular in Central Europe.

    Its hard to say which distilleries are underappreciated. It depends on what your criteria are and maybe what country you live in. I can thnk of some that are over appreciated though.

    As Horst states the power of marketing is important. Some distilleries are more commercialised than others, this buys them space on supermarket shelves which gives increased sales.

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