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Hello im new here.
I want to invest in some whisky that might be rising in vallue.
Do you guys have any idea of what is a good investment?
I found one bottle of glenfiddich 37year botteled 1975 for a good price (i think) in good condition in wooden box.
There where only 200 made of these so do you think it would be more worth soon? razz

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    Collecting whisky is no easy task. There are a lot of different influences to consider. I therefore wrote two articles about collecting whiskies. Here they are:

    Dou You Collect Malt Whisky?
    Do You want to invest in rare Whisky?

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster, Whisky.com
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    Being a financial professional, I would not invest in whisky unless I approached it as a hobby (i.e. don't expect to make a profit) or as an isolated "fun" speculation. Losing money on a hobby is something most of us do, but losing a portion of my money to the vagueries of the investment whisky market is not something I want to risk. Of course, you can always drink the whisky if it doesn't earn you the return you expected, which puts it a step ahead of other failed investments. smile

    Clear alcohols are for rich women on diets. (Ron Swanson)
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    Thank you horst_s and Carlton for good advices.
    I think i wont buy much for investment but more like a hobby then and hopefully i will return a little and enjoy some of it lol

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