Tam O'Shanter

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    Has anyone ever tried this Blended Whisky from Cutty Sark, I just bought a bottle and am not sure if I should just keep it for collection or drink it up.. any suggestions? I would have like to have seen Horst review it before I opened it.

    Whisky is DRAM good, I must confess!
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    I had the old 25yrs of Cutty Sark. It was a wonderful Sherry rich blend with a malt content of roughly 80%. One of the best Blends I ever had.

    That whisky sold for less than 100 EUR 5 to 8 years ago. Then it vanished from the market and now reappeared with a different name on it and with a very steep price.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster, Whisky.com
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