Royal Canadian - Blended Canadian Whiskey?

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    Hello everyone!

    I was about to open an old bottle of whiskey and I realized I never heard of the brand so I tried looking it up. Google has absolutely no information on the "Royal Canadian" brand nor can I find an image of the bottle on Google image search.

    I was hoping someone could tell me roughly how old it is, and if it's something I should save or just drink.

    The bottle is Royal Canadian - Blended Canadian Whiskey and is 80 proof 40% ABV. It has a tax stamp that says "bottled in bond under canadian government supervision" in both english and french and has CANADA in red in the center of the label.

    There are no dates that I can see on the bottle anywhere (which if there were I wouldn't be here in the first place :razz:) The UPC code is 080432532140.

    One thing I think is interesting about it is that it says it was imported by Austin Nichols & Co, New York, New York. I did a Google search on them and it appears they are now the ones who make Wild Turkey.

    Any help to whether this bottle is treasure or trash would be greatly appreciated!

    I will attach a picture of the bottle as well.

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    I googled it, it is owned by sazerac, they own buffalo trace and a ton of alcoholic spirits, I can tell you, this isn't a popular whisky here in Canada, as I have never even seen it before, I am guessing its a basic blended whisky, id pop her open and try it and review it. I have no idea as to the age

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    This is something I found when I asked Auntie Google:

    Hope this helps!

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