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    I need to work out what this is!

    To explain, I stumbled upon this review just the other day, after looking for a decent Glenfarclas review. The reviewer matches up 3 single malts of similar ages and I was surprised that he had chosen to match up a costco bottling of 'Highland' single malt against a Glenfarclas and a Macallan.

    I was intrigued by the value of costco's highland single malt, so I went and picked up a bottle of the 16 year old Highland to give it a try. I thought at $48.99 it was definitely worth a go!

    :banghead: NOW IT'S REALLY ANNOYING ME! :banghead:

    If you watch the video you'll see what I mean, but I really can't work out what distillery it is. It could be any of the highland distilleries but it's unlike any that I've ever tried so I'm really puzzled as to where it came from.

    I was quite surprised at the quality of the whisky considering the price. However I'm still baffled and need help!

    Has anyone else tried this bottle?

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    Sorry. I didn't had that one.

    If bigger companies buy whisky for their own bottlings you can not be sure, that the next bottle with this label comes from the same distillery. The havn't bought the casks with the right to publish the name of the distillery. And - they typically buy from the cheapest.

    In the end all these bottles can be searched down to a special distillery. The distilleries also give away the casks, which are untypical and do not match to their normal style. They do not need them so they sell them cheap to the outside. And to not disturb their reputation by differently tasting malts, they forbid the use of their name.

    The only chance you have is to go back to the store and collect the residual bottles. There is no big chance, that the following batches will taste the same.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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    only thing I could finds was it is bottled by an independent bottler , Alexander Murray & Co.

    website -

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