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Today I bougth Talisker 10. My first peat smoke whisky.
Just awesome. When I sniff hard I can feel f*cking mediterranean sea coming inside my nose. Like when you are at the beach and wave hit you and go up from your nose to your brain.

At the end I feel like oil in my mouth. Quite pleasent .
How that can be? No oil in the destillation process. What component makes whisky oily?
Just to know.


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    There are oils in the whisky. But a little different, than you think. We talk about fusel oils wink You can see a light oily layer on top of the low wines receivers. Most of it is held back during the second distillation. But there are some.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster, Whisky.com
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    I love oily whiskies too, but i've never had that impression at the Talisker DE.

    I think there are many reasons, that make it oily. Some people say a high viscosity is only possible at a certain %vol. (From 43-46? i dont know..)

    I think it depends on how the whisky is made. I also had cask strength bottlings that seem to be oily, buttery, creamy or whatever. I have this feeling epecially when the oak influence is at a good level with nutty notes, without being sour or too spicy.

    regards.. ..and sorry for bad english
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    Thanks for all your replies, gentlemen.

    I started to feel sea at nose and oil at mouth not before 15 minutes of smelling and moving whisky inside my glass. Maybe you don't give that time to your talisker DE biggrin

    Oils after destillation. I'm realizing how complex is the chemistry arrond that holy beverage.

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