Taste Bud Paralyzation

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    Horst often notes in his videos that tasting whisk(e)y that contains particularly high levels of alcohol by volume can impair the ability to taste/smell because of the anesthetizing effect of the alcohol. I imagine most of us have encountered this at least once.

    I'm curious if anyone knows how long it takes, on average, for one's taste buds to recover from this effect. Thanks!

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    It's minimal. Normally I get this with most whiskeys. My collection averages around 50% abv. This is also why before tasting an old or rare whisky, one should start with a basic blend/entry level malt. When I tried bowmore black. I went Jw gold.glenfarclas 12 and than the big malt. To minimize this effect. Plus it gets your mouth ready to play. I'd say on average. 2-5 minutes and that's if it's really really rough. Like over proof rum

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    Over the years there is/can be a small lose of the sense of taste i think. But i guess for him its more important, because he tastes 4 or 5 drams the particular day. So its also good for the people watching to get better information.

    regards.. ..and sorry for bad english
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    Recovering after a really heavy Whisky can take some time. I remember I felt the Connemara Cask Strength even the next day after two times tooth brushing.

    But that was an extreme Whisky, even a Ardbeg Corryvreckan or a Laphroaig CS doesn't take that long. They still stay the last Whisky on an evening, though. :wink:

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