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I travel regularly via Singapore’s Changi Airport, and I always check in early so I could browse through the duty free liquor section. After all this is where the last bottle of Dalmore 62 was sold for £125,000 a few years back.

Last month I found a new bottling of Aberfeldy 28 years old.

This month I found a slew of Dewar’s with age statement, a 15 years ‘The Monarch’, and an 18 years ‘The Vintage’, in addition to the usual Signature (with its exquisite box). Dewar’s seem to also started using a “True Scotch” tag line on these bottles, whatever that mean. And if I'm the monarch I wouldn't find it so flattering to be tagged to a 15 years old bottle costing only £24.

The new find is a 30 year old, also labelled a “True Scotch”, and apparently finished in PX cask. The bottle label looks very grand and exquisite but unfortunately it is not yet priced.

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