Save expensive malt for later or enjoy now?

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    I recently found a bottle of Talisker 18 at a local liquor store in my area. This was an aberration since unlike Macallan 18 (which is sold at most chain liquor stores and in most bars), the Talisker brand is more often seen in its 10 year variation on store and bar shelves. The Talisker 18 is very tough to find in stores and one often has to resort to purchasing a bottle by Internet mail order (when they're not sold out online too).

    It wasn't cheap, but since I absolutely love the Talisker 10 year variety, and have heard nothing but rave reviews for this version (some have even said that while Macallan 18 is a premium scotch for green folks to show off when they don't know much about whisky, Talisker 18 is more respected by whisky connoisseurs), I decided to splurge on a bottle.

    But now I have a dilemma. Should I open it now and enjoy it right away or save it for a "special occasion" that might or might not ever come? I know once I crack that seal and pop that cork, there's no turning back.

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    I would wait for a special occasion if that means the next time you feel good and have time for it. Clean your house first! And have A talisker 10 opened also to compare.

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    Save it for a special occasion, like being the new owner of a wonderful bottle of Talisker!!!

    You're going to drive yourself crazy waiting, so you might as well have a dram now and enjoy it. Then, once you know how it tastes, you can truly decide whether you want to save the rest of the bottle for special occasions or not. An open bottle (especially with only one dram drunk from it) will still last for years. Typically, I'll save my "nicer/favorite" bottles for Friday or Saturday. That way, I have something to look forward to while still getting plenty of mileage out of it. About halfway through the bottle, I'll fill up a sampler and give the it to a friend to try.

    You'll probably get a thousand different opinions about this, so it's truly up to you. But for me...? Why just look at the menu when you can eat as well!

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    This is kind of a philosophic discussion. Part of the people say, that it is the final destination for every bottle to be drunk. It was filled for this reason. Collectors see this with happyness or grim. Depending on the fact, if they already have that bottle in their collection or not. If they have, their own bottle would be a little bit more valuable. If not, there is one less on the market had s/he has more to pay.

    But in your case it is just your own decission. At first I would try to find this whisky in a bar and have a sample of it. Just nose on it and fill it in a miniature. If you taste it in a crowdy place with lots of smells around you, you might not be able to have your standard view on it. A whisky can taste a lot different in a disturbing place.

    If you do not find this whisky open, then I would open - as said above - the whisky to a special purpose and take not more than 10% out of the bottle. And then I would seal it with a tape called parafilm. That there is no longer air with oxigen moving in and out of the bottle. This quite expensive parafilm will hinder you from easily taking more and more out of the bottle.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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    Well, been there, done that.
    And cant resist the sheer curiosity of tasting the dram.
    Regrets? None at all, thats why I have the whisky.
    But after that, taking my time to seal the botle and preserve it, is a good idea.
    Until you feel the urge to sip it again...

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    I'm sorry to post something off-topic, but I'm still figuring out how to use this site. Is there a way to attach photos to a personal message? I can't find it anywhere, nor can I find a phone number or email address for an administrator. I see it's possible on a forum post, but I need to do it in a personal message. Thanks for the help. Geoff

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    This software got a little old and slow. We are working on a new one. It should be out in late summer. We are adding your wish to the feature list. Can't tell you, if it will be added.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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    Open the bottle an enjoy it! You could buy empty 10cl/20cl bottles and save some Talisker 18 for whenever.. :wink:


    regards.. ..and sorry for bad english
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    You should drink it. Then if you miss it afterwards, you will know better whether to save or sip the next special bottle you buy : )

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