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I tried Highland Park 18 and the smoke or peat that I tasted wasn't for me. The question I'm looking to have answered by more knowledgeable than I is........I want to try some bottles like Springbank 18, Glenfarclas 15/21, Aberfeldy 21 do these have smoke/peat like the HP 18?

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    quite definitely no smoke in the Aberfeldy 18 and 21.

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    Only the Springbank 18yrs has an equal amount of peat smoke to the HP18 in it.

    Quite often very intense cask/oak notes may be detected as smoke. It may come from the boundary of the charcoal and the remaining wood of the staves. There you also find incomplete combustion where phenols appear. But these smokes are far less tastable.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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