how different a single bottle can taste

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    I just wanna tell you of a pretty unique experience I had with a Bottle of singleton of Dufftown 18. I´m aware that Whisky can taste different depending on your location, your mood or something you might have eaten before. There are even moments when I absolutely can´t drink whisky at all. And I´m not talking about being at work or driving a car :wink: Anyway I currently have an open bottle of Singleton of Dufftown 18. Some days ago I was sitting on my couch pouring in a glas of this whisky and took a sip. It was as good as the days before. My girlfriend came along and we decided to sit on the balcony for a while. It was a warm spring evening. Sitting there, again I put my nose over glas to smell all the fine flavours. Whoa what was that ? Suddenly a really, really! strong Aroma of Honey Melon. Simply beautifull. It was there all the time I was sitting on the balcony drinking my whisky. It was gone the next day when I had another Dram, not even a glimpse of it. I encourage everyone to take your whisky out in the woods, to a lake or a park. You might discover some completely new Flavors.

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    Did your neighbour had a bowl of fruit salad on his table? :wink:
    I typically feel disturbed outside. Birds are singing, the wind is wispering, a plane is passing by, and all the typical aromas of a dram are blown away fast.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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