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For me its Springbank 100 proof by samaroli.

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    Long time whisky drinker, fairly new to tasting. I only have 5 good bottles in my collection, so hardly a seasoned connoisseur , but so far my top two are Highland Park 12 and Edradour Super Tuscan. Sometimes I prefer the smoke of the HP, mostly I prefer the Super Tuscan for the amazing port wine pallet, amazing whisky.

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    Yamazaki 18

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    Very hard to pick. But for me the top 5 I have tasted are probably these:

    1. 1972 Caperdonich 47.5% ABV Duncan Taylor Rare Auld, Aged 38 Years
    2. 1975 Tomatin, 58% ABV, Mackillops Choice, Refill Sherry Butt, Aged 25 Years
    3. 1980 Talisker, 57.2% ABV, Distillery Bottling 2005 Special Release, Aged 25 Years
    4. 1970 Glen Grant, 51.5% ABV, Duncan Taylor Rare Auld, Aged 37 Years
    5. 1975 Glen Ord, 58.7% ABV, Distillery Bottling Special Release, Aged 30 Years

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    Being new to the single malt experience, I'm still searching for "The One"

    Benriach 12 yo. Horizons & Tobermory 15 are at the top. Horizons wins because it's way cheaper

    Glendronach 15 revival

    Hazelburn Rundlets & Kilderkins
    Old Pulteney 17

    And for my daily dram, Aultmore 12 46% ABV natural color non-filtered. A totally decent
    malt at a reasonable price. always keep 3 or 4 on the shelf.

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    I currently drink a perfect 10 years LEDAIG signatory vintage 2004 cask 900172, and is one of the best young whisky i ever tried, please gentlemen let me know if you ever tasted this gem.
    I also recommend a Cohiba maduro 5 for a perfect marriage.

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    I've just opened a bottle of Hazelburn 12 which said unpeated and well.....not much smoke but I can notice and don't like it very much. I'll have to suffer through.

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    I managed to try Compass Box recently at Singapore Changi airport duty free. They have the Hedonism, the Peat Monster and the Spice Tree. I didn't try the Peat Monster, the Spice Tree was nice but not outstandingly so, but oh the Hedonism is really memorable. from the first whiff on the nose, its like a lady's heady body fragrance that draws you in for a more intimate smelling. I don't have a bias against good grain whisky, and this is a 100% grain blend comprising 2/3 first fill american barrel from Cameron Bridge, and 1/3 first fill american barrel from Port Dundas and another 2% rejuvenated hogshead Port Dundas.

    I'm going to get myself a bottle on the next trip. yummz

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    Hello All, So far in my tastings the one whisky that has really given me that WOW moment and the one that I cant get enough has to be the Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban. The delicious port notes, mouthfeel, and wonderful finish has made it a staple in my home.

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    No doubt in my mind the this has to ardbeg uigeadail 4 me...

    Patrick strik
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    Balvenie 21 Year Old Port Wood Finish

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