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    Hello from Southern California! 1st US registrant, perhaps? Anyway, I'm glad to have found this website, and I give ''two thumbs up'' to Horst et al. for the fine work they are doing here. I'm 51 today, yet I started my Scotch whisky adventure only a few short months ago. Notwithstanding, I have made amazing progress in my education and tasting experience thanks in part to Horst and the Isle of Man's In connection, I've built a meaningful collection of older (20 - 40+ yo's and usually OB's) whiskies (primarily for my son to benefit from in year$ to come), but I'm enjoying many in the 10 - 20 yo range. A couple of early favorites include examples from Balblair, Glendronach, AnCnoc, Old Pulteney, Bunnahabhain, and Bruichladdich. Quality production, great cask management, and craft presentations (natural color, unchillfiltered, and 43 or higher ABV) all. I'm finding high quality Japanese whiskies to also be very good. Glad to be a new member and to have discovered! Best wishes to all- Scott

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    Good morning Scott, and welcome to this forum!

    cheers, Patrick
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    Thank you for the nice words and have fun in the forum.

    I work for
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    "Bomongoni" wrote:
    I have made amazing progress in my education and tasting experience thanks in part to Horst and the Isle of Man's
    Hello Scott,

    thank you for your praise and welcome to the forum. We will add more knowledge videos in the upcoming months. That means that we will have three different kinds of videos soon:
    - Tasting Videos
    - Videos taken during distillery visits and
    - Videos to spread knowledge about the making and tasting of whisky.
    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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    Welcome to the forum!

    regards.. ..and sorry for bad english
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    Welcome, I learned almost everything from Horst's German videos, discovered Ralfy later on, love his passion.

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