Heaven's Door

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    Hi, I'm new to Whisky.com and absolutely love this site, especially the VLOGs. Could Horst and/or Ben review Bob Dylan's line of whiskeys/bourbons? Would love to hear your opinions. I purchased all 3 Heaven's Door whiskeys/bourbons from Total Wine here in Orange County, CA but I have not yet tried any of them (I'm a huge Dylan fan)!

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    @Krish_Tewari congratulations!
    I'm curious what glasses do you use fur whiskey?

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    As for me, I'm a collector of whisky and whisky glasses, at the same time I don't drink much. I like the process and my whiskey glasses collection warms my soul.
    Also, I go to many yardsales in searching of the best glasses in the old fashioned style. Because I prefer antique to new ones, so I like things with a history. And so, I hope that my son will one day appreciate my collection and be proud of me. Thus, I would like my collection of whisky glasses to be passed down from generation to generation.

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