what would you do? turning 50 years old, going to have my first drink in Scotland

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    What you ask? Yes you read correctly. I am turning 50 and never had a drink of any sort of alcohol. Why would any fool wait so long? Well, as a child, I saw friends with alcoholic parents, and I remember thinking I don't want anything to do with that, so I didn't. I got into high school and watched people getting into all sorts of problems because of booze, and I just didnt want to drink.

    Then in the Marines it was the same thing; bunches of drunk jar heads don't make a good case for starting to drink, so I didn't. In my 30s, I got into the science of coffee and was tempted to smoke cigars by a radio program called The Cigar Dave Show. So, I began to smoke cigars, still, do. I love the science and really appreciate the art that goes into making them. As you know, many cigar connoisseurs love whiskey, and I have been very tempted to try, but I resisted because I am now sort of a unicorn, a 40ish year old guy who has never drank and is not a religious nut? Unheard of!

    Now, I am turning 50, and I am looking for something special to do to mark my half-century of being on the planet. I thought I would try a drink from each country of my heritage, Scottish, German, and Irish. (talk about a drinking pedigree!) So this coming May, Scotland will be first, and then a trip over to Ireland. Germany sometime in the fall.
    as you may imagine, after a lifetime of not drinking, I have 8 to 10 close friends who all want to come see me drink, finally!

    The question is, what to do. And this brings me to the reason for my post. What would you do? I feel like some prom queen trying to decide how to lose her virginity (back in the 80s, when that was a thing!) I would like something special. Something a normal run of the mill tourist would not get to do. I am open to any suggestion, just keep in mind I am more of a connoisseur of things and doubt I will be the type who wants to get trashed. I would like to have a once in a lifetime experience to go with the once in a lifetime event of having my first drink.

    what say you?

    PS yes i'm serious, yes i'm a unicorn. Really, I have never had a drink of alcohol, ever. it would not be hard to prove that, lol just friend me on facebook and ask all my friends, I'm famous for it!

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