HELP!! Looking for a Great Whisky/Bourbon for my Dad!

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    Hello I am the daughter of a 59 yr old nearly 60 year old whisky lover.. my father and id like to get him a whisky he would love for his 60th birthday this year I personally know next to nothing about whisky but I know he likes Gentleman Jack, Laphroaig? and loves anything thats abit smoky or honey like or maple? I think he would also appreciate the unusual too but I dont just want to get him something crap or something hes had hundreds of times before. 

    As Im a student at University my price Range is like £40 or $50 or 45€ and im probably going to order it on amazon, I am planning on going to a whisky and wine shop near me this week to see what they have and suggest too! but please help me!!! 

    Thank you Liberty!

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