Glengoyne Spirits

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    imageMy son-in-law brought a Glengoyne 10 over to taste before Sunday dinner last week, while I provided a Glengoyne 21 to the effort. Neither of us had tasted a Glengoyne before.  The 10 tasted, in imagesome ways, like a Glenmorangie 10, which is to say, VERY GOOD!  The 21 was decidedly in a league of it's own. Phenomenal. So, I decided to dig a little deeper into the brass and get the 25 and 30 as my own Father's Day present(s) to myself!! They just arrived. I'm actively seeking sample bottles of each, so I don't have to open the larger bottles. I think the S-I-L wants them for his inheritance! I'm a very robust and healthy 64 y/o. He'll have to wait awhile, me thinks!! :-)

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