hello from Vancouver BC..newbie seeking suggestions to get over bad whiskey experience

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    hello from Vancouver BC..

    newbie here seeking suggestions please to get over a bad whiskey experience.

    i've been romanticizing about trying whiskey from watching the whiskey vault as well

    as whiskey.com

    but i have a problem: so far i've not liked at all my first attempts:

    buffalo trace bourbon and jameson basic irish whiskey.

    here is what started it: when as a teen, trying to be 'cool' with some friends

    i chugged down some canadian club...almost heaved....and that same

    feeling/smell came over me when i tried the buffalo trace bourbon and jamesons.

    has anyone else had a similar experience? how did you overcome it?

    both whiskey.com and the whiskey vault have piqued my desire to explore whiskey

    (and watching the fab richard paterson).

    i'd so love to try redbreast 12 (and the various editions) then move on to balvenie 12, highland park 12/18, talisker 10, macallan 12, ardbeg 10/ugi etc etc...but i'm worried my reaction will be the same.

    i feel hopeless....

    suggestions are welcomed.

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