Macallan 25

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    I am considering buying macallan 18 and 25 year old , 25 year old getting around 1500 dollar whereas 18 for 300 us dollars.

    I really do love glengoyne 21 and reading that macallan 25 a little similar to the former. 

    So my question is do you think it is wise to put money in macallan or should stay with glengoyne , glendronach whiskies

    @horst u have helped me in the past regarding dalmore and highland park

    urs and everyones help would be much appreciated 


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    @pm22988 I guess it’s personal preference. However, and as Horst will validate on Vlog, the Glenfarclas 25 is possibly THE best 25 y/o single malt out there! I pay $137USD here in USA for it, and quite simply put, it’s exquisite! I like Mccallan, for sure, but I find it much spendier than other older single malts above 15 y/o. Go to the Vlog and see Horst/Ben review of GF 25!

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