Bourbon Club - advice needed

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    My neighborhood recently started a bourbon club.  We have had roughly a dozen bottles and our favorites so far have been (in order):

    1) Blanton’s

    2) Woodford Reserve

    3) Bulleit 10-year

    we need new ideas for next month’s meeting.  Based on the bourbons above, would anyone here be able to offer suggestions and ideas for future bottles to taste? Thank you

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    @tomwoody  Try Wild Turkey - 101 Proof is a good start, but try and get your hands on a bottle of Rare Breed... well worth it!

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    @tomwoody Try a bottle of Larceny or a bottle of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked.

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    Depends on price. I would look for different distilleries to get a variety of profiles. Here are some options

    Old Forester 1920

    Old Forester 100 Signature

    Evan Williams Bottled In Bond (white label)

    Knob Creek Single Barrel

    Old Grand Dad 114



    Anything Weller

    Buffalo Trace

    Jim Beam Single Barrel

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    The advice you share is very helpful. Very helpful for me.

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