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    I got a bottle of Old Pulteney 12 recently. I think it is a good whisky, but it is not among my favourite highland whiskys (I prefer Aberlour and Deanston).

    I found a note in the nose which I also find very present in Famous Grouse blended scotch. In the Famous Grouse it dominates the nose and I find it very off putting (although in the taste it is less present).

    In the Old Pulteney 12 it is more subtle, but I am more aware of it since I tried Famous Grouse. I am sorry I am not able to describe it better, but from that information could anyone tell me what it is? I don't have the vocabulary to describe it and I don't want to say the wrong word and confuse readers, but I am sure if you take one smell of the Famous Grouse and then one smell of the Old Pulteney you will know what I mean.

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