8 Yr Very Old Fitzgerald- 1958- Advice Needed

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    I was recently gifted a nice 1/2 pint of 8 year Very Old Fitzgerald from my grandparents, barreled in 1950 and bottled in 58. They have had it forever just sitting on a shelf and thought I would appreciate it on my shelf even more. The good news is they gave me a very highly sought after piece of history and I’m very grateful for it. The bad news is the top seal is torn, the cork has slipped out a small amount, I can smell the liquor inside and the level of the liquid in the bottle is down to the bottom of the neck- I believe. I know these bottles are extremely desirable and rare and I know if the seal and cork were intact it would be worth real money, but it isn’t. Is it worthless now besides sitting on my shelf and potentially being enjoyed one day? Is there something I can do to preserve the bourbon inside? Is the liquor even drinkable due to its potential exposure? What would you do with such a gift? All opinions welcome. 

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