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    Hi there!
    My name is Mat and I’ve been a whisky lover and geek for the past 8+ years. Being danish I'm currtently witnessing the whisky-boom that is happening in my small country at the moment.

    This may come off as an attempt to draw attention to myself, but I’ve recently launched a whisky youtube channel “Caskmate – Everything Whisky” where I dive into everything related to whisky, one episode at a time

    I want to spread the word and possibly attract more whisky lovers to the channel, in order to build a unpretentious and fun whisky community.

    About the channel:

    The channel is built upon a philosophy; There’s no wrong whisky, there’s simply the whisky you like. You may have heard this saying before and that just proves it’s something to consider.
    The channel itself is structured around topic-specific episodes about a certain subject; what is peat? Why chill whisky? How to (not) age whisky etc.
    The idea is to make a portfolio where newcomers can find guidance, help, advice or just a community to latch on to when starting out in whisky.

    I’m not asking you to subscribe right away, but I’d appreciate if you went to the channel and checked it out. THEN hit the subscribe button, if it feels like something you like.

    Here’s a link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCghcOnpNWBlBeLm5WG8GAuA?view_as=subscriber

    I hope to see you there!

    The Caskmate

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