Novice looking for advise for baby gift

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    I am looking for a 21 year old bottle to be saved until the baby turns 21. The parents are newly interested in scotch tastings. After some research, I am leaning toward the Aberfeldy 21 year old bottle. It seems to be a good starter so the twin boys will can have a smooth introduction to the world of scotch but also want something the parents will enjoy as well as they are likely to drink more of the bottle than the boys. I would like to stay under $500 for the bottle and if there are more affordable options it will become my go to for new parents of boys and gifts for nephews when they turn 21. 

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    21 year old that can be good are for example, Glengoyne 21. It also has a beautiful box.

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    @Billings Ha! Consider a Glenfarclas 21 year old!! Exquisite! I get it in the USA for about $110USD per 750ml.  Superb! I have several bottles locked away! Better yet is the Glenfarclas 25.  About $137USD.

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