Help to identify this Akashi Whisky

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    Hi, i always bought a whisky or two whenever i went for oversea trips. 

    Because i traveled to Japan about 4 times a year, i think i have collected quite some bottles of Japanese whisky.

    I'm going for a dinner with some acquaintances next week, so i think i could bring a bottle of whisky. That's when i stumbled on this whisky which i forgot when or how much i've paid for.

    i tried to search on google but the labels and packaging doesn't looks like anything that i had on hand. i don't want to bring a rare or discontinued whisky to the dinner, if the whisky is expensive i'll buy one from the local liquor store. 

    can anyone help me identify this bottle please? there's a number printed on the label, is it a limited or just the bottle number? should i keep it for close friends or this bottle is common bottle which you could restock easily.



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    @Freshmeat looks like Akashi Toji. Images online have similar labels. Not an exact match, but labels will vary in other countries.

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