Fake Lagavulin 16

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    Snelius said:

    Oh, so sad to hear about the Lagavulin. I'm just ready to buy my first 16yo bottle (this one only Islay brand I never tasted) but I don't know now. Maybe I need to wait for some updates...

    @Snelius I'm on the same boat as you now...

    Well, I went to a restaurant and they had Laga 16Y. Asked to see the bottle, just quickly gazed and smelled the bottle cork and all. It was like it was before.

    I tasted. Amazing. All the flavors that I remember tasting before were there. I checked the seal from the import and the bottling was from august 2018. The one I had the problem was from 2017.

    So my guess is, if you can find a bottle after july 2018 I think you would be on the safe side and get the great experience I had!

    Another thing to note: the bad bottle I had was 0.7L. All of the other 0.75L bottles were great. I had 4 tastings with 0.75 and was great.


    As for ardbeg, I tasted on my friend's house the 10Y, and it was good. Not great. But good. Of course, for my taste :-)

    I saw a price cut of 30% on a local shop for the Ardbeg Uigedail and I bought it. Did the tasting and I was really surprised. Had to put a few drops of water. But the whisky is really good! Totally recommend.

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    @jottabr Thank you for update. I got bottle of the Lag 16yo of 11 Oct 2018 and it's amazing. Thanks! :smile:

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    @jottabr The quality of the recent batch may not be so good. Adding ice cubes when you drink may taste better.

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