Glenfarclas 17 vs Glenfarclas 25

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    There's no getting around the fact that, while a relatively "new" single malt lover (since my May 2017 graduation from Whisky School in Edinburgh!!), I have fallen absolutely in love with both Aberlour and Glenfarclas products. I am also a Sherry Bomb addict!! Today I compared a Glenfarclas 17 and 25.  It's no secret that the 25 is one of best bangs for the Dollar/Euro/Pound out there!! I've watched Horst/Ben compare 15, 17, 21, 25 extensively, so I thought I'd try my own with 17 and 25.  I find the 25 to be magnificent, so I went into the test with some prejudice, but..........

    For starters the 25 was significantly darker than 17.  Longer time in the cask I suppose. The 25 was heavy with sherry on the nose. It smelled easily of dark fruit, citrus (orange) and was intense on the nose. The 25 had longer legs on the swirl that 17, as would be expected.  The 17 was very soft on the nose! Fruity and light! Definitely an oakey nose vice the sherry nose of the  25. The  17 nose was definitely delightful!  On the tongue the 25 was darker, drier, spicier. Still the sherry dominance. Quite a long aftertaste with sherry and butter. The 17 on the tongue was sweet, light, with crisp apples, honey, maybe a touch of cinnamon. Both, frankly, delicious. The 25 aftertaste was longer than the 17, with a creamy but peppery taste. The 17 aftertaste was definitely more complex than the 25 (to me!), with definite dark chocolate, perhaps some nutty flavor. There was more there than that, but I couldn't pull them all apart. Surprised me - I thought 25 would be more complex, but just the opposite. Bottom line is that BOTH are exquisite!  I lean to the 25 because I'm a sherry addict, but that 17 is MOST intriguing and requires further "study!"  I have 3 bottles of 25 in my collection; will have to add a couple 17s now! If you like sherry Speysides, it's just hard NOT to like the older Glenfarclas line! 

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    @dennislhopkins A good Glenfarclas 21 can be as good as 25.Aberlour very good too.The 15 special cask reserve,hard to get as they export it all to France,is Horsts fave,even over the 18...rather expensive though!Glengoyne is very good distillery too..10,12,15,18and 21...25 is £240 though!Glenfarc 105 in my collection now,always a reliable cask strength dram!!

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