Glenfarclas 15 vs 17?

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    I watched the live tasting recently by Horst and Ben comparing Glenfarclas 15, 21, and 25. Their conclusion was that 15 was the best "value" at the lower end, and the 25 obviously the "best" value at that end.  My distributor has Glenfarclas 17 in stock now, but not 15. I have an unopened 15 and wanted to know if 17 should be a "buy?"  I paid $72USD for the 15, and the 17 will cost me $90USD.  I have 3 bottles of 25, but those are for "really" special occasions. I watched Horst's video about 17 and it sounded good. What say your experts out there? Thank you!

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    @dennislhopkins Glenfarclas 17 is 43% and a bit more fruity sherry and butterscotch flavoured than 15.Glen F 15 was the whisky that got me into whisky a year and a half ago.In UK 15 is about £48....17 is about £73,so big difference in price.Give the 17 a try as it is very good,much better than 18,which is nothing special in my opinion.105 worth a try too..a 60%abv...Litre for about £45...great bang for yer buck.Happy tasting on that great single malt road!

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