Opinion on Glenfiddich and Macalan

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    Would like to know what your opinion is on Glenfiddich and Macalan especially 12/15/18 years old.

    And your personal fav if any.

    Thank You

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    @Ajitflora I struggle to enjoy Glenfiddich - there are some great ones I am sure but I have a block that I cannot get past - it taste too much like "booze" to me.  Lacks the depth (even as a blend) that makes other whisky so interesting.  But given that it is one of the most popular selling brands in the world I am clearly in the minority here.  

    Macalan I really enjoy - although it has a very distinct nose and palate that some may not like.  Having said that it is hard to pay the Macalan "premium" when there are so many others out there to find and explore. 

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    Glenfiddich 12 lacks something for me, great for the masses but lacks the depth that I want. MacAllan 12 is good and worth the price.

    Going up in age the Glenfiddich gets better and goes to decent/nice in my opinion. While older Macallan are too expensive for me. Their 18 year old is like 180 pounds so not your normal dram.

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