Diageo and Lagavulin 12 yo price increase

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    I have been following the Lagavulin 12 yo which is part of Diageos special releases. I have a bottle which I bough ten years ago and then the price was maybe 20% more expensive than the Lagavulin 16yo. But during the last couple of years the price has increased so much.

    During the last three years the Lagavulin 16 yo in Sweden has increased fro 599 SEK to 649 SEK. Meanwhile this is the price for the 12yo.

    2015 899 SEK

    2016 999 SEK

    2017 1099 SEK

    2018 1399 SEK

    It is really steep increases now for a 12 year old. Diageo must be laughing all the way to the bank.

    With prices like this I cannot open the bottle I have and I will sell it instead.

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