[My way to Whisky] It is about how I start my whisky journey and how to keep on... [keep update]

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    Hello, I am a whisky fan, and my name is Wei.weidong.  You can all me Ricky or Don-Yeah. Now I am trying to make some whisky all by my own. 

    When I wrote this article, my journey has been going on for nearly four years. For the most part of the past four years, I have been learning, thinking, distilling and reflecting. I think I could record every steps and share them, just like Ben and his father Horst Luening shared so many knowledge, and their cask in their home.    :razz:

    Like most distillers, we enjoy this. We hope that one day we could have a good Whisky and share to other friends in the world.

    If our language is whisky, I will record my firm will with a weak voice -- that this voice comes from Mainland China.

    Many thanks to every people who ever helped me during these days.

    Especially to my teacher who retired from HIGHLAND PARK and BALVENIE, the manager from AB.MAURI and LALLEMAND. My good friend Kelly Wang from Bruichladdich and Zach from heriot-watt.

    Thank you Ben and Horst Luening to give me a place to record my story. Danke! 

    I'll tell you Ben, I have 2 casks that I think the newmake inside is OK for now, and it has been matured for 122 days now, lol, so our casks are standing in the same line. Wish one day you could come to visit.(maybe it's 4 years later? :lol:)

    Part of the technical details

    I use Australian barley and locally barley from China, transfer to the malting company in China and make malted barley in specific requirements. I use only malted barley. So you can all that single malt whisky material, the malt has been partially peated by locally peat and some of Irish peat.

    Peat smoke time: Still in testing, 4-19 hours, depends. 

    Yeast: Pinnacle M/MX & Distilla MW & Brewing yeast

    Fermentation time: 96H +  

    Stills: Copper pot still.     Direct fire distillation by nature gas.   Wash still time: 6 hours.  Spirit still time: apx 9 hours.

    Heart cut: less than 18%(may change in future, not a fixed number)

    Casks: 1st fill bourbon casks (not - Slate reorganization.) 

    Ok, I will post some photos and articles in the old days.

    Again, thank you guys, slante! 干杯!

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    Floor 1

    update later

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    U@Ricky.Wei I myself is embarking on this journey. Just curious how did you start? And where are you making the whisky in China? 

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