Japanese whisky prices going crazy here!

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    I just managed to find two bottles of hakushu 12 in a small town bottle store where I live in new Zealand for $115 nzd ( about $75 usd)  score!! Il be holding on to these as there already selling for $300 online here 

  • buckwurst Member Joined: 06.09.2018Posts: 7Ratings: 0

    This is just normal market economics. Demand has increased while supplies have dwindled, in addition, the fact that there won't be anymore age statement whiskies from Nikka or Suntory for the foreseeable future (at least 10 years according to one Suntory source) means that supplies are not just limited, but also finite. 

    I used to drink Yamazaki 18 highballs in Japan in the late 90s for JPY 700.... I wish I'd known then what I know now. For people who aren't used to Japanese whisky, the aged stuff from Suntory, Nikka and Kuriazawa are fantastic, as are the various offerings from Ichiro/Chichibu, but they're now no longer anything like good value. Non aged stuff from other distilleries or blends can be very variable so try before paying a lot.

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    It's true, Japanese Whiskies are getting unaffordable, hope to be lucky and get one Harmony like this one as soon as I can...

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    I think I saw something about a  change in regulations for labelling of Japenese whisky going forward

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