Japanese whisky prices going crazy here!

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    Well, with Hakushu 12 and Hibiki 17 being discontinued the resale prices have gone insane. 

    It is a shame, Suntory are still releasing supplies every week yet almost every shop (except for department stores and major chains) are just reselling online. They have just become commodities now. 

    Current prices in Japan:

    Yamazaki/Hakushu/Hibiki NAS - 7000yen 

    Yamazaki 12- 20,000yen

    Hakushu 12- 40-50,000yen (Crazy!! This was always less sought after than Yamazaki!) 

    Hibiki 17 is now going for 50,000yen online. 

    Yahoo auctions has loads of the stuff for sale so it isn't "rare"... just incredible expensive. And people are buying at these prices. 

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    Japanese whiskies are very expensive in Sweden also and also getting very hard to get. Unfortunately.

    It is the sellers market now.

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    Same here, the Hibiki 17 was one of the first bottles I collected, back in 2012. I think I spent around €90, now I see it around €700-€1200 in online shops. Crazy! Maybe I'm selling it to return to Islay once again.

    Even Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve price is skyrocketing here in Portugal. I bought some bottles at sub €60, and now I see it in some shops around €150!

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    These prices are crazy! I would definitely sell and go to Islay.

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    @nikku I just watched a video on this. Apparently, Japanese age statement whisky is about to be going away for the most part. At least for another decade or two. They just dont have the volume on hand to maintain the demand. This is understandable. Japanese whisky really hasnt been on the radar for all that long. It only just entered the global spotlight. They didnt anticipate their level of success when many of these famous age statement single malts were being distilled and now they've run out! lol 

    This is most unfortunate for me. I'm relatively new to scotch and have yet to try Japanese whisky. I've heard nothing but great things about it and I've wanted to try it for some time, but i'm just not paying those prices 

    “I’m a simple man. All I want is enough sleep for two normal men, enough whiskey for three, and enough women for four.” 

    ~Joel Rosenburg

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    japanese whisky prices has been going crazy everywhere. and be aware some "japanese" whiskies are actually scotch transported to japan and bottled as japanese, what we would call OEM.

    the one japanese distillery that is truly gone and worth collecting, although very expensive now, is Karuizawa.

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    @DramTasticVoyage you can find samples at sum stores,i tried Yamasaki 12 as a sample. ohh so wonderful! like a one nightstand with the greatest girl.

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    @hwchoy yeah same here. Yamazaki and etc are just too expensive now.

    If I'm not mistaken around 10 years ago there were a lot of Yamazaki and Hibiki and you could get them "cheap" at Taiwan duty free. It was cheaper than Japan cause of the currency at that time. Started to get expensive around 2013 if I'm not mistaken. 

    Should have kept a few bottles.

    Even the store at the Suntory office building doesn't sell Yamazaki for at least a year or two now if I'm not mistaken.

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    @chester @nikku If anyone is interested, I have two bottles of Hakushu 12 for sale. I'm only asking $200/ea. I can ship as well if buyer pays

    Here they are next to my Hibiki 17


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    @nikku It's quite crazy where I am as well. Some of the bottles I've been searching for is always gone!

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        @bedlamborn I have two bottles of Hakushu 12 at $200/ea if you are interested. I can ship to you if you pay for shipping

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