Highland Park Whisky Feeling Beauty Follower in the Skyrim

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    Thank you for tahaara to make this great video to youtube for highland park follower on skyrim
    This show is very beauty and high taste.


    Add a Beauty Female High Quality Follower called Highland Park. You can find her in Hall of the Death, in Whiterun.
    Support UUNP.

    Download Link: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/90993

    SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHIS...Whiterun Woman

    Peat is made up from semi-decomposed vegetation laid down over thousands of years. That vegetation differs across Scotland depending on climatic condition all these millennia ago. When the peat is dried and then burned, the phenols (smoky aromas) released will have different aromas generated by this vegetation. Mainland peat is smokier because of there being more lignin from trees; Islay’s peat appears to have more marine vegetation and contains more creosol (picked up as tar); while Orcadian peat is composed entirely of sphagnum moss and heather. The result, once again, is a different aromatic spectrum, lightly smoky, 
    but significantly more fragrant… heathery even.


    The peat is burned in the distillery’s own kiln and the resulting heavily smoky malt makes up 20% of the barley used for each mash. The remainder, unpeated, comes from the mainland.

    The other signature of Highland Park comes later in the process with maturation. The regime has been 100% Sherry casks since 2004, with a mix of European and American oak (as well as refill) being used. These add a layer of richness to the lightly smoky, fragrant and fruity character.

    .....ok, I'm fuc..king talk about the whisky likely woman.


    Highland Park was the first girl of a china sword's soul, her name is jianling. Jianling was not a human, she was the power mind of a china sword, because the last user fight with this sword and become overcome the power of the space, The user was die and the sword with Jianling would go to the skyrim.

    JianLing is not a human, so she can not become a normal woman, such as she can not born a baby. She find may way such as magic to change her body and mind, at the end she really become a real woman and born three daughter and than die.

    Highland Park is the first daughter of Jianling, is high, cool and scolder taste.
     ENB for subsurface shader
    ◆  Luxury Collection

    Fair Skin Complexion  by HHaleyy
    KS Hair by KaliliesStealthicKhaos & Shocky
    EnhancedCharacterEdit by ECE team
    Race Menu   by  Expired
    Clother Support for Picture  by Bloody Bird ( QQ: 65150569 )

    Extended Reading
    Highland Park have two small sisters, the second onces sister name is Deborah Suffer, three sister don't see each other after they born, and have a different story of life.
    Deborah Suffer is a slave of earl, and the earl name is cthkclnpc1(hahahahaha...........), the earl also is a special people of skyrim, he is come from the hong kong. The earl is a super materal art power user, such as chinese topest-interal force the barwong's interal force, the 18 palm attacks to defeat dragons, six suns palm of sky mountain .......

    The Earl is very love Deborah Suffer, and Deborah Suffer is very love Earl, too. So He teach Deborah Suffer many secret power. Because some reason of war in skyrim, Earl and Deborah by the way go the buluma for ten years, Earl and Deborah's daughter Victoria don't know what's matter of this, she guest her father and mother was die, so she use this ten years to increase herself.

    But unluckly, when she see her father and mother again, she be kill by the undead.

    Earl don't have choose to make her daughter become vampire to live. But the skyrim's ppl is very angry about this, because they are very scait for vampire. Skyrim people group's together to fight earl for kill victoria. Deborah is very angry and get the super power from the angry emotion.

    Super Nords III 


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