Best Flask?

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    Looking for a flask to take some good quality whiskey when I go into the woods for backpacking trips. Curious if anyone has experience with BPA free plastic flasks like those from GSI and Nalgene and if they are as good as the titanium flasks such as those from Vargo and Snow Peak? Longest trip whiskey would last me in one would be about 3 days, so I'm not thinking it would be long enough for a plastic taste to emerge in the whiskey. I'm buying the GSI Boulder and the Nalgene Flask to test with some Jameson over a 3 day period just to see and report back, but curious if anyone has already done a comparison with plastic vs titanium flasks. $10-$15 vs $80-$160 (USD)...wonder if the cost is really worth Ti.

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    @NJMevec Very interesting. I can tell from experience, that storing whisky for more than 24 hours in stainless steel flasks add some metallic flavor to it.

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    I've also read of a 24 hour rule (or maybe overnight), for my flask. Though mine is a cheap and small flask. 

    If plastic would also affect the whiskey, is a half sized glass bottle out of the question? I've seen what look like half sized bottles in some places. Obviously you were looking for alternatives to glass, but still. 

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