My Grand Parents gave me a very old bottle of J&B and I am looking for more information....

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    imageimageimageHi there!  My Grand Parents recently gave me a very old bottle of J&B Blended Scotch Whiskey they had collecting dust in the back of a cabinet and I am having some trouble identifying it..... It appears to be a be a box wrapped in paper featuring caricatures from A Christmas Carol with a red stripe running around the bottom stating "FIFTH".  Additionally it is sealed at the top with another red sticker stating "FIFTH" as well.  I have scoured the Internet and Google images and cannot find a similar product anywhere (Unless my Google-fu has failed me).  I was wondering if anyone here could give me more information on it and suggest whether I should sell it or just drink it.  Thank you in advance! I have attached several photos that I hope help.     

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    my guess this is a special christmas promotion wrapper. I would suggest you peel open the sticker and try to remove the wrapper intact and have a look at the bottle.

    as I understand, not much collecting value for blended whiskies.  you may just want to keep it as a remembrance of your grand parents, or you could drink it.  I would suggest the sentimental value is worth a lot more than the drink.

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    Like @hwchoy says blended whiskies is not so popular among collectors.

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